A New Way

to tell your story 

Videography is a way to relive your wedding day over and over again.

I have always love storytelling and

now I get a chance to tell YOUR story. 

Why Videography?

I had a bride once say, "I wish my parents had a wedding video. I would have loved to seen all of it in action." There is something special about video. It captures all the emotions in real time. From speeches, to first looks, to cake cutting, and the throwing of the bouquet. These moments are special and they go by so quickly.

I promise you won't regret it ...

I'm going to be honest. My biggest regret of my wedding day was not having a videographer.  I wish so badly this would have been on the top of our priority list. I want so badly to relive OUR day. I wish my kids could have seen how my dress swayed in the wind, or when I cried during my daddy daughter dance, or how my husband looked at me for the first time as his wife. Please, don't regret. Please, don't look back and wish I would've done this differently. 


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Bozeman, Montana


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